Guided tour of Lecce: June 18 2015

All the IWASI 2015 attendees are invited to a guided tour of lecce. We will reach Lecce by private bus departing from costa brada at about 17:30. The Bus journey takes approx. 40 min. In Lecce, the guided tour will go through the "Santa Chiara" and "Sant Irene" churches, the "Anfiteatro Romano", the "Teatro Romano", the "Sant Oronzo" and "Santa Croces" turistic points. The return bus will depart from Lecce to reach Gallipoli in time for the social dinner ! Enjoy your guided tour !


Social Dinner: June 18 2015

At the end of the first workshop day and after the guided tour to Lecce, all the attendees are Invited to a Social Dinner at the Costa Brada Resort. Enjoy the great taste of Apulian cuisine along the sandy shores of Gallipoli.


Tour of Cantina Coppola: June 19 2015

After the closing cerimony and the IWASI 2015 awards, all the attendees are invited to visit COPPOLA WINERY, set close to Gallipoli, where you will able to taste the great Apulian wine. A private bus departing from Costa Brada to COPPOLA WINERY will be set. To have more information about the COPPOLA WINERY you can visit their website: